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Michelle duBois is you and me—the flirtatious being who gets lost in her own reflection, practicing the pose, photographing herself because, well, she looks fabulously hot. However, this Michelle duBois—the one that artist Zoe Crosher has resurrected from the ’70s—was a woman of the streets, who used the duBois name as an alias, among many aliases, and obsessively documented her outrageous experiences with a camera. The Unraveling of Michelle duBois is Crosher’s ode to this woman who led a high life, exposing her images in their true nature-—or, at least, what’s left of them. Through these snapshots, which Crosher found in crates, albums, and boxes, the artist attempts to piece together her life, perhaps giving us a glimpse of the real Michelle duBois.

Jan. 20-Feb. 14, 2010

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