Roberta’s and the Meat Hook Come Clean With Coffee Soap


Add another course to the clean-living regimen otherwise known as the Fork in the Road Diet: Goldie’s Brooklyn Beef Tallow Soap.

In a true Brooklyn locavore (or should that be “lavavore”?) spirit, the handmade soap is a joint effort between Roberta’s and the Meat Hook. Sarah Trogdon, a waitress at the Bushwick pizzeria/radio station/rooftop garden, is the soap maker, and the boys at the Willy Wonka of butchers supply her with beef tallow. (Three pounds of tallow yield 12 pounds of soap, or 40 bars.) Trogdon has been at it for seven months and was inspired by the herbs growing in Roberta’s garden.

Fork in the Road tried the Coffee Bar, a combination of coffee, shea butter, clove, and rosemary. Like Our Man Sietsema, we experienced a weird disconnect: it smelled good enough to eat, but it’s far better for bathing. The combined aroma of the coffee along with herbs is almost as stimulating as a cup of java, and without any caffeine jitters. And those coffee grounds are a wonderful exfoliant. They’re not just any coffee grounds, but Stumptown, no less. The bar also contains brewed coffee. “I love coffee,” Trogdon says when asked why she used it to make her soap. We love it too, Sarah, just never considered bathing with the stuff.

Right now, Goldie’s soap is only available at Roberta’s, though Trogdon is working on a website. Other varieties include a honey-beeswax-oatmeal soap called The Gardner Bar, as well as The Dad Bar, a woodsy smelling avocado-based soap. In case you’re wondering, Goldie is a moniker that Trogdon’s elementary school music teacher bestowed upon her. “I thought it sounded like a good, trusted name. Besides, there are so many Sarahs out there.”


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