Surfer Blood Cover Neutral Milk Hotel, Apparently Owe Todd P Everything


Hey, wouldn’t you know it, Surfer Blood casually cover Neutral Milk Hotel’s “Two-Headed Boy” over a bottle of El Presidente, and it’s not half bad for a bunch of dudes who won’t even get up off the couch! They even screw up a couple times and it’s still better than that awful Apples in Stereo version of “King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 3” on last year’s Merge Records anniversary comp.

Surfer Blood’s Jeff Mangum cover comes courtesy of a post-photo-shoot hang-out sesh for that has nothing to do with this Miami New Times story that traces, in OCD detail, the Palm Beach band’s “tsunami of hype” back to a single Todd P Tweet. Unbelievable reach, that guy. The piece is also a hoot for quoting one Floridian booker/self-appointed talent scout as saying, “You see things in bands and you think this band has something special. I saw it in Marilyn Manson, I saw it in Chris Carrabba, and I see it in [Surfer Blood].” Those two lines probably won’t make it into a Kanine Records PR blast anytime soon, but that’s what it means to be from Florida and not be the Black Kids. Officially riding for these guys, recent apologies and all that notwithstanding. [Crossfade]

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