Tila Tequila Canceled By Larry King’s Show!


The unexpected has happened and late heiress Casey Johnson‘s lady love Tila Tequila was booted from tonight’s Larry King Live in favor of more illustrious guests–namely the authors of the political book Game Change and the third White House party crasher.

Yesterday, TMZ claimed Tila was allegedly axed after CNN supposedly got a legal letter from Casey cohort Jasmine Lennard reportedly threatening against the possibility that Tila might repeat false accusations about her. Allegedly.

But E! gossip Marc Malkin quotes a source saying, “She was canceled over the weekend as soon as the White House party guy was booked.” That was before the letter came.

And Tila’s OK with it, swears Malkin.

The temptress emailed him, “I’m not pushing for them to change their minds cuz honestly, my fanbase demographic and to the people that matter to my career don’t watch Larry King. Yes he is a huge credible person, but really not someone a young demographic of people watch.”

So this appearance was going to be a career thing? Oy.

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