I, Locavore: Pix from the Winter Union Square Farmers’ Market


Allium like leeks and chives frequently keep growing–right through the snow.

There’s no camparison between the bustle and color of the summer farmers’ market and the drab coldness of the same market in winter. Yet there is a wan beauty to the winter market and its steadfast offerings, as the sunset descends on the market around 4 pm…

The New York Times has declared rutabaga the vegetable of the year, and everyone seems to be selling them.

The bloody battle between celeriac and turnips is joined…


Hot beverages fly off the shelves in the winter farmers’ market.

Pickled things begin to assert dominion over fresh…

>…and the number of sauerkraut variations becomes frankly alarming.


Wild products jump out at you, which you’d never have noticed in summer, such as this odd collection of goat offal.

And if you’re willing to pay $4.50 per pound, you can have some hothouse tomatoes. Not bad, either.

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