Jay-Z, Also a Rapper! For Snoop Dogg, Anyway: “I Wanna Rock (The Kings Remix)”


Jay-Z may or may not be old-school double-dark-chocolate-chunk black, or a sell out, or seventy-three inches of all-black everything, but he’s definitely still a rapper, at least when he bothers to come down from the mountain and grace somebody like Snoop Dogg with a guest verse. The “The Kings G-Mix” of Snoop’s “I Wanna Rock” single falls into the latter day Jay tradition of jumping on big songs from the game’s most successful rappers and basically celebrating everybody’s collective dominance–see 50 Cent’s “I Get Money (Forbes 1, 2, 3 Remix)” and Jay’s “A Billi” remix of Lil Wayne’s “A Milli,” to name just two.

The controversial moment in this particular remix comes right at the end, when Jay affirms: “It’s no Biggie, I’m just the king now.” That’s the latest score on a card Shawn Carter’s been keeping in his pocket since the day his onetime patron died. Hard to get excited about a shot like that in 2010 but it’s a step up from the whole using-rappers-names-for-wordplay trick Jay pulls out earlier. “I used to chef Raekwon, give fiends a Ghostface”–really?

I Wanna Rock (The Kings G-Mix) f. Jay-Z [CDQ]
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