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John Lanorith, Staten Island Liquor Store Killer, Pleads Guilty, Gets Hope of Parole


Back in May of 2008, a man came into Elgudzha Koyenishvili’s Staten Island liquor store, shot him dead, and stole the cash register. Cops traced and found the getaway pickup truck, whose owner told them he had lent it to John Lanorith, who had twice gone away for burglary. Lanorith was charged with first-degree murder.

Lanorith finally entered a plea of guilty today. The charge is second-degree murder, with a prosecutor’s recommendation of 20 years to life. Though he has two prior felonies, this leaves Lanorith eligible for parole someday, which possibility would have been precluded had he gone to trial and been found guilty there. “This plea gives him hope of some life after he’s released,” said his attorney. Lanorth is 42.



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