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Pat Robertson: Haitian Earthquake Caused by a “Pact To the Devil”


The cataclysmic 7.0 earthquake in Haiti has “flattened” the capital city, Port-Au-Prince, and killed perhaps more than a hundred thousand people*. National Geographic says it’s the strongest earthquake in Haiti in 200 years, and caused by the release of seismic stresses on tectonic plates. Above, Reverend Pat Robertson clarifies that the actual cause is a “pact to the devil” made by the Haitian people during the reign of “Napoleon III or whatever” in the 1790s, whereby they would serve Beelzebub if he would get them free of the French. “Ever since,” he goes on, “they have been cursed by one thing after the other.”

The Reverend does not indicate whether the earthquake was sent by the devil to gather souls, or by a righteous God.

(h/t Media Matters.)

Update: Jesus — the Wall Street Journal front page says there’s “Countless Dead.” The U.S. government, charities, nations, corporations, the World Bank, NGOs, and others are rushing aid.


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