New York

People Who Text at the Movies Should Have Their Fingers Chopped Off!


And here’s why:

It shows no regard whatsoever for the people who’ve paid to actually see the movie (or play).

It’s a giant “fuck you” to everyone in the vicinity who had no idea their fun night out would involve shielding their eyes from the annoying flashing light and their ears from the hideous clacking just because one dummo needs to find out where to meet for cheap pizza and Gatorade later.

It’s an act –if I can continue–of unbelievable narcissism that shows utter contempt for what constitutes proper behavior in public and betrays a sad inability to distinguish a seat in a theater from a toilet bowl in a trailer park.

Even a two-headed ignoramus from the planet Zorgon knows that eating popcorn and looking at the screen are perfectly OK activities at a cineplex, but keeping your phone on and using it for two hours of intrusive, idiotic messaging about Jello-shots is absolutely not!

Off with their hands! The sound of texting with stumps might be kind of amusing.

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