This Week’s Voice: Spoon’s Transference, Bull Riding at MSG, Weasel Walter, the 2009 New Yorker Cartoonist Final Standings, and More


In this week’s Village Voice, Rob Harvilla on Spoon’s defiantly skeletal Transference, Phil Freeman goes bull riding at MSG’s arena rock rodeo, and Brad Cohan meets the new kid in town (and old head extremist drummer) Weasel Walter.

In Books, Brian Parks presents 2009 New Yorker Cartoonist Final Standings, a critically autocratic and methodologically suspect ranking of the magazine’s 2009 cartoonists. Zach Kanin was robbed!

In Film, Nick Pinkerton on the warped, post-apocalyptic theology of The Book of Eli, Michael Atkinson parses the rediscovered Japanese horror flick House and finds himself at a happily unfamiliar New York Jewish Film Festival, Rob Nelson heads to Anthology for ‘The Films of Nikolaus Geyrhalter’, Ella Taylor falls for newcomer Katie Jarvis’s teen misfit in Fish Tank, Andrew Schenker is unimpressed with MOMA’s Global Lens festival, and we present the results of the 2009 Village Voice Readers’ Poll.

In Art, Robert Shuster’s Best in Show is at Omer Fast’s shows at Postmasters and the Whitney, Anthony McCall’s ‘Leaving (With Two-Minute Silence)’, and Josh Dorman’s new show at Mary Ryan Gallery.

In Theater, Alexis Soloski reviews the 2010 Under the Radar festival, while Tom Sellar sorts out the Flea’s Little Gem.

Plus Michael Musto gets person-to-person with Sully Sullenberger and Michael Fassbender, Free Will Astrology, and more, here.

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