Train Pigs, a Website Created to Shame Subway Masticators


Because there is apparently no job too small for anyone with a camera phone and spare time, someone has given the world Train Pigs, a photographic compendium of people eating on the subway.

The website catalogs shots of people consuming various foods underground, and the detritus left behind by those foods. Its intended to shame anyone who dares to eat food in or near the subway: perpetrators are labeled variously as “vile,” “disgusting,” and “mongrel.”

While it’s inarguably unpleasant to be stuck sitting next to some jerk who, after spreading his legs wide, reaches into a plastic bag and pulls out a styrofoam container reeking of death and ‘special’ sauce, and then proceeds to shovel it into his mouth and onto the floor, the website seems like it was created by someone harboring a fanatical hatred of the mere idea of eating in public places.

Again, no one wants to endure a slob and his or her aromas, and shaming litterbugs certainly is laudable, but to call some guy a “vile, disgusting creature” simply because he’s sitting on a bench on a subway platform, eating from a small container of Chinese takeout and otherwise minding his own damn business seems both unfair and bordering on the kind of world view first promulgated by Sir Francis Galton and his merry band of eugenicists.

Also, sometimes people have no choice but to eat on the subway because they don’t have the time and luxury of eating at work or at a sit-down restaurant. By making no distinction between the asshole who’s eating sunflower seeds and thoughtlessly discarding the shells beneath his seat, a woman selling churros on a subway platform because she needs to make a living, and someone eating a roll on the platform, the site comes across as the work of a bored, easily provoked lunatic who probably uses hand sanitizer 60 times a day and believes his poop smells like rainbows and calla lilies.

“The subway is not a frigging cafeteria,” screams Train Pigs. But the internet sure is a convenient bully pulpit.

[Via Gothamist]

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