Carlos Beltran Got a Knee Operation, Didn’t Ask Team, May Miss Opener


Mets star Carlos Beltran’s knee was bothering him, so he got surgery. Usually players ask the team for permission first, but Beltran appears not to have done so. Bleacher Report doesn’t blame him: “He could no longer listen to the hackery coming from the Mets’ team doctors that his knee was simply bruised and it just needed some rest,” says John Fennelly.

Reports say Beltran will miss the start of the 2010 season; Eric Karabell worries that “twelve weeks can turn into 24 weeks quickly, and the Mets have way too much invested in Beltran financially to risk pushing him back,” but as it was reportedly a relatively non-invasive arthroscopic procedure, a long absence is unlikely.

USA Today‘s Fantasy Windup foresees “a nasty battle between team officials and Beltran’s agent” over the unauthorized surgery, but Amazin’ Avenue finds this “laughable… When you are often criticized for being cheap and mishandling injuries, you probably should not sue your own player for seeking surgery, unless going for a so-ironic-it’s-funny angle.”

Angel Pagan is expected to sub for him in centerfield.


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