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Jason Barry, 17, Leaves Bomb Joke on Apple Store Mac, Faces 7 Years


It’s great that you can use the computers at the Apple Store, but as with amy public forum, you have to expect some offensive speech. Jason Barry, 17, left a bomb threat on a Mac at the Staten Island Mall’s Apple Store. Barry portrays this as a joke, but Staten Island DA Daniel Donovan isn’t laughing, and has charged him with making terroristic threats.

I have threatened your store and all its employees with a bloody death,” reads the note in part, promising a return visit to the store on January 17 with “the force of a 98lb bomb loaded with C4, strapped to my chest.”

Barry signed in with the name of a “friend’s father,” which suggests either some kind of buried resentment or an attempt at plausible deniability. He claims he “forgot to delete the note off the computer” before leaving.

In what must be considered a coup for Homeland Security, Barry was found within hours and arrested at the mall. “In the post-9/11 world,” says the DA, “especially in light of recent terrorist plots against our country, behavior of this type must be taken seriously.”

Barry, a Tottenville High School senior and part of the school’s championship PSAL boys’ bowling team, is out on bail. He could get up to seven years.



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