Monsanto’s GM Corn Linked to Organ Damage; Underwear Bomber Ruins it for Salami Smugglers


Roman food is the latest Italian cuisine trend in New York. While Tuscan reigned supreme for years, several new places serving Roman-inspired dishes have opened recently.
[NY Times]

According to the U.S. Agriculture Department, 2009 was a record year for the corn crop with 13.151 billion bushels produced, up 230 million bushels from the government’s last forecast and 330 million bushels more than the average estimate.

Meanwhile, agricultural giant Monsanto’s GM corn has been linked to kidney and liver damage in rats, according to a recent study. The company says the research is “based on faulty analytical methods and reasoning.”
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Kosher food is increasingly popular among gentiles for its perceived cleanliness and safety. A recent study reveals that only about 15 percent of people buy kosher for religious reasons.
[NY Times]

The Christmas Day underwear-bombing attempt has led to tightened airport security, which is making it harder to smuggle salami, prosciutto, and headcheese into the U.S.
[Wall Street Journal]

AOL is hiring about a dozen former Gourmet editors, who lost their jobs when the magazine closed in November. The new posts involve developing recipes and content for AOL’s new food site, launching next month.
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