The New Lucali to Get a Helping Hand From a Reputed Mobster


In early September, reports surfaced that Dominick ‘Black Dom’ Dionisio, a longtime Colombo crime family associate awaiting trial for armed robbery and a 1991 shooting, was using a fake job at Lucali to flout his bail conditions. Now, according to the Post, Dionisio’s lawyer has requested that his client be allowed to help open Lucali’s new pizzeria.

Per the Post: “Mr. Dionisio’s duties at the new location will require him to travel to [Manhattan] for, among other things, his food handler’s license and permits for the restaurant,” his lawyer, James Froccaro informed the judge. “He will be purchasing décor and equipment for the new restaurant as well.”

Although Froccaro refused to give the location of the new restaurant, the Lucali faithful know all too well it’s Giuseppina’s, the Carroll Garden pizzeria’s South Slope spin-off, which will presumably boast mob-approved floral arrangements and flatware.


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