Yoko Ono Reforms Plastic Ono Band For One Ridiculous New York Show


Last September’s Between My Head and the Sky was Yoko Ono’s first record as Plastic Ono Band since 1973’s Feeling the Space. John Lennon produced the first; his son Sean handled the second, and now comes word that the Plastic Ono Band will once again perform as well. So far, it’s just two dates (the other’s out at SF’s Noise Pop), but New York’s lucky enough to land one of ’em–February 16, at BAM’s Gilman Opera House (tickets seem to still be available). Personnel this time out include Cornelius, Yuka Honda, Haruomi Hosono, and a bunch of big name, New York royalty-type guests: Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon, Paul Simon, and Eric Clapton, who last performed with the POB back in 1969. Moore has performed with Ono before as well–last we saw these two together, they were onstage at Pitchfork Fest in Chicago, chanting “War is over! If you want it” as thousands of baffled teenagers ran for the Union Park exits. May this show be equally insane. [h/t Daily Swarm]

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