Dr. Andrew Weil Urges You Not to Eat Tilapia


The avuncular, bearded hippie doctor who once told you to eat acid, is now telling you not to eat tilapia.

Dr. Andrew Weil, who has since established himself as a health guru with a following of millions, warns that tilapia, a farm-raised freshwater fish, is low in good fatty acids found in wild fish, and high in the fatty acids that generate mucus in the body, according to him.

Now, it’s good to take any nutritional advice with a grain of salt, since the science of nutrition is still in its infancy, and nutritionists are always changing their minds when it comes to what is good and what is bad. (Remember, not too long ago, they were telling you to eat lots of margarine, rather than butter, because it’s good for you?) Nevertheless, this information, correct or not, comes as a blow to the environmentally conscious, since tilapia is considered one of the few sustainably farmed fish. And the Alaska salmon he recommends instead, though not endangered, often sells for $29 a pound. You just can’t win.

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