Flight 1549 1-Year Anniversary Provides Momentary Uplift


On the first anniversary of the heroic Flight 1549-Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger Hudson River landing, the crew and passengers get a Park Avenue party with the Mayor and the Governor. It’s part of a day of honors for them. Later everyone’s going on a ferry ride where, at 3:31 p.m., the moment Flight 1549 touched down, they’ll all raise a “a toast to life.”

The rest of us get a Sully cocktail, and a progress report on the disaster love connection made by Laura Zych and Ben Bostic, who were both on the plane and hit it off at an earlier survivor-reunion party. ABC News tells the world that the pair remain “happily in love.” “If I had just met him in a bar I would have been more standoffish,” says Zych. Aw!

It’s not all peaches and cream for the other survivors: some of them have flashbacks. Doreen Welsh inhaled a little water in the shower and “had a panic attack”; Jorge Morgado is afraid to fly. But most of them give us the grateful, live-life-every-day gush you would expect.

At least the America-needs-more-Sullys stories seem to have subsided — oh wait, here’s a new one from Fox News. “America is in a funk,” says John Kraushar, because of our “quest to boost people’s self esteem or to dumb down standards to allow some politically correct quota or outcome.” Kraushar prescribes that “like Sully we make small, regular deposits in what we honor and what brings honor to us.” And there’s no automated payment system for that, politically-correct wastrels!



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