For Your Sunday-Night Entertainment Consideration: “The Continental Rock ‘n’ Roll Reunion Concert”


CBGB gets most of the press (and T-shirt sales), but don’t forget the other cheerfully seedy downtown rock club made famous in our neighborhood: The Continental, still lurking at Third Ave. and St. Mark’s Place, nowadays best known as the “5 Shots of Anything for $10” dive bar but boasting a 15-year history as a punk mecca, though the shows largely came to a halt in 2006, as the Voice‘s Richard Bienstock reported in a lengthy chat with the Continental’s irascible owner, Trigger. (“The East Village has moved out to Brooklyn,” Trigger noted, sadly and accurately.) That sorry state of affairs will lift for one night, via the Continental Rock ‘n’ Roll Reunion Concert, a star-studded affair kicking off around 6 p.m. Sunday and featuring Lenny Kaye, Cheetah Chrome, Dick Manitoba, Walter Lure, Bebe Buell, Jesse Malin, CJ Ramone, and myriad others. Trigger hopes to make it an annual affair. And we bet that $10 for five shots of anything deal still applies.

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