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Harold Ford Jr. Way Behind Gillibrand in Poll, or “Picking Up Steam,” Depending


A new Marist poll shows Kirsten Gillibrand ahead of newcomer Harold Ford Jr. by 43 to 24 percent. But the undecided total is high at 33 percent, leading the Post to proclaim that “Ford picks up steam on Gillibrand.”

Conventional wisdom says there’s an opportunity in the undecided number, but “don’t know” is a traditional response to Gillibrand at this point. And despite that, she’s already scared off Rudolph Giuliani, among others, thanks in part to her heavy support from leading Democrats. Plus Ford’s got a whopping don’t-know number himself, at 52 percent.

Conservatives are pushing Ford to flummox the Dem establishment, but they’ll have to push harder to make a race of it.


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