Let’s Ban “Pre-Op Transsexual”!


No, not the actual people, but the term itself.

It’s fallen as out of favor as stiletto heels at an office picnic, and I’m pretty sure I know why.

The term assumes that the transsexual is going to get her penis chopped off, and that such a dramatic act is required before becoming a fully transitioned woman.

That’s what a lot of people used to do in the old days.

But nowadays, saying “pre-op transsexual” comes off all presumptuous and archaic and shit.

Today, there are tons of M-to-F ‘s who keep their noodles while still identifying as women. They’re not “pre” anything, since there’s no operation in their future except for maybe an occasional chin tuck or annual eye lift. They’re not waiting to raise the money or the nerve for their new chop-ter in life. They just ARE.

So I feel if someone lives as a woman, regardless of what they’re planning to do with their genitalia, we should always just call them…um, let me think…

A transsexual!


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