“Morrissey’s Voice Will Never Give Me the Ability to Ride My Bicycle Up a Wall”


“Basically I need to realize that no matter how much I enjoy listening to ‘This Charming Man’ while on mushrooms, Morrissey’s voice will never give me the ability to ride my bicycle up a wall. I mean it’s definitely fun to try and all, but ultimately there’s something sad about trying to defy scientific law without adequate technology. Do you think the Ewoks would’ve been able to tackle the storm trooper garrison on Endor without the help of the Rebel Alliance? Those Ewok slingshots and rams and shit were cute and provided a good distraction for Han while he was blowing up the shield generator, but without blaster fire them Ewoks would’ve been coats, son.” So so happy Mad Decent brought Plastic Little rapper Jayson Musson’s Black Like Me back. [Mad Decent]

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