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NYU Students Who Went to Haiti Rescued; New Yorkers Send Relief


As Tom Robbins observes, Haiti is the only story, albeit with some local angles. Now it is reported that two NYU doctoral candidates, Nathalie Pierre and Greg Childs, who had gone to Haiti before the quake and were reported missing, have been found alive and well in the Dominican Republic.

Much less fortunate was Gerdie Gerome-Guychard, who had returned to Haiti from Queens last weekend and was caught in the quake. Her husband Jean Guychard located her in the rubble, but couldn’t save her, and she died in his arms.

Mayor Bloomberg is suggesting that city workers use “automatic deductions” from their paychecks to donate relief funds to Haiti.

Others are contributing in their own ways. New York firefighter Joseph Downey is headed to Haiti to aid in relief efforts. So are a search and rescue squad of New York cops and firemen, Jersey church groups, and others.

George Clooney will host an MTV telethon to raise money. Madonna is kicking in a quarter of a million dollars and asking for matching funds.


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