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Rubashkin Son-In-Law Yaakov Weiss Pleads Guilty in Boy-Molest Case, But Avoids Sex-Offender Registry


Yaakov Weiss, a son-in-law of crooked Kosher-meat-mogul Sholom Rubashkin, has pleaded guilty to child endangerment in a boy-sex case in Albany. Weiss admitted that he got naked with a 13-year-old boy and had “inappropriate physical contact” with the child.

But the goniff worked out a plea deal and miraculously won’t wind up on the sex-offender registry. Which means he can resume his career of working with children.

This despite the fact that he was indicted for full-on molestation: trying to hide his salami in (or at least rub it on) the butts of two boys while they were all taking a mikveh — a ritual bath that’s supposed to purify one’s soul but clearly didn’t have the desired effect.

And Weiss skated despite the fact that he admitted telling one of the two boys he was charged with molesting to lie to his mother and to police.

Weiss, 29, is married to the eldest daughter of Rubashkin, and they had moved from the powerful family’s Brooklyn stronghold to the Albany suburb Colonie to run a Hebrew academy. His father-in-law, meanwhile, sits in an Iowa prison awaiting sentencing after being convicted in November of financial fraud.

These crimes are not the reasons these Orthodox Jewish guys — in this case, powerful Chabadniks — wear black hats. But black hats these two schnooks do wear. Meanwhile, Weiss’s wife helped lead a Chabad rally Sunday in Crown Heights in support of her convicted dad. The women-and-girls-only rally drew more than 1,000.

Jew-hating extremists — like the schmucks at Rebel News — are having a field day with this.

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