The Good, the Bad & the Real Poop on the Angostura Bitters Shortage


Panic over the Angostura Bitters shortage has gripped the city and its $15 cocktail-drinking populace. A company spokesperson told the New York Post recently that, while production was back up and running, it wasn’t expected to be back to normal until early next month. Reports on bartenders hoarding the stuff and buying it on eBay have already surfaced. But not everyone is worried. As cocktail consultant Jason Cott said in an interview with Fork in the Road yesterday, “There never really was going to be a shortage. They went into receivership and were bought out, that’s all. I’m confident they won’t run out.”

Still, others aren’t so sure.

Julie Reiner, owner of Clover Club, is a self-proclaimed hoarder. She reveals to Metromix: “It’s totally for real. I’m surprised nobody tipped me off! So I currently have enough to last us a month and half, two months. But they are saying it’s going to be a three month blackout. Everything in Manhattan is picked over. I went to the Met across the street and bought 10 bottles. And I was able to acquire two cases for both here and Flatiron Lounge through somebody else.”

Off the Presses learns that, while the shortage may be real, it isn’t an issue for everyone. The owner of the old-school Italian Bamonte’s in Williamsburg said: “Who cares? How much of that stuff do you need? You use a bottle a year, you’re lucky.”

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