The U.S. Gets a Food Czar; Americans Stop Getting Fatter


Jason Wong, who transformed his Brooklyn vegetarian restaurant, Red Bamboo, into a place that serves meat, is among those who have changed their ideas about eating meat since sustainably and ethically raised livestock has become more widely available.
[NY Press]

The Obama administration has appointed its first food czar. Michael R. Taylor, a veteran food expert, is the new deputy commissioner for foods at the FDA, a new post that involves overseeing all the agency’s food and nutrition programs.
[NY Times]

The first documented place to sell knishes has turned 100, and so has, maybe, the knish itself. No one knows when the knish was invented, but Yonah Schimmel opened New York’s first knishery on the Lower East Side in 1910.
[NY Times]

America is no longer getting fatter, according to a recent study. The number of Americans, especially women, who are considered obese may have leveled off over the past decade. The number of women considered obese, about 36 percent, is the same as it was in 1999.
[NY Post]

Manoj Murjani, the co-founder of TWG Tea Co., reveals the proper way to brew the ancient hot drink. Forgo the tea ball in favor of loose leaves, don’t make the water too hot or you’ll burn the leaves, and try to avoid adding milk, sugar, or even lemon.
[Wall Street Journal]


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