Week in Review: An Extra Side of Arrogance


In the week our American Idol recapper made it all the way to the BBC for calling Victoria Beckham’s face “too crazy”, we also tossed epithets in the direction of the Times, in solidarity with M.I.A., and toward Esquire, who this week were forced to respond to the outcry we’d led against their profile of Jay-Z. All this anger is exhausting!

Club Exit and APT both shut their doors this week, though the latter’s will presumably reopen once they get their legal problems sorted out. Meanwhile Damon Dash’s Under 100 morphed spectacularly into DD172, while Less Artists More Condos, who used to book in the Under 100 basement, set up shop at St. James Church. Monkey Town is out the door as well but not yet–Woods Family Creeps,” a one-time only extended jam band from Woods, plays there next week.

R.I.P. Jay Reatard, Teddy Pendergrass, and Supertouch’s Joe Graziano.

“I would like to say that I got to meet MIA at Coachella ’08 when we played it,” Vampire Weekend drummer Chris Tomson told us. “She came to say hello and she was in our backstage trailer. We bonded about raisins. She ate a lot of raisins. I personally enjoy raisins and trail mix a lot.” Hot Rats talked to us about Squeeze and how Beck probably stole their idea of covering the Velvet Underground. Zemog El Gallo Bueno’s Abraham Gomez-Delgado bragged that he’d never heard the Dirty Projectors and offered an MP3 to prove it; Brooklyn’s Prsms, meanwhile, lent us one song from their four-song EP, which just happens to have the exact running time 4:20–make of that what you will.

The Drums and Surfer Blood confounded at the Bowery Ballroom, though we’re riding for their NMH cover. Swans reunited. So did the Plastic Ono Band. Andrew W.K. was the first actual human to appear on the Simpsons 20th anniversary special–but was it really him? Plus the Aziz Ansari/Major Lazer connection, the return of Jayson Musson’s Black Like Me column, the Very Best/Vampire Weekend dance-off, Ted Leo for Team Conan, Ke$ha vs. Susan Boyle, Jay-Z’s return to rapping, Das Racist and a Beastie Boy, new music from the Dirty Projectors, and more, below.

Looking for something to do this weekend? Try tonight’s Yummy Fur show, Sunday’s “Continental Rock ‘n’ Roll Reunion Concert,” a gang of NYC nightlife options, or this bizarre Tower Records-themed art show. Us, we’re back on Tuesday, after the holiday.

Oh, and give to Haiti–whether by the disreputable Wyclef Jean or however. It’s thow you can help.

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