What to Do This Weekend in NYC Nightlife: Switch at Webster Hall, Dutty Artz Tropical Relief for Haiti, Body & Soul


Friday: Switch at Webster Hall

Switch, the not-Diplo half of Major Lazer, has remained–comparatively, anyway–out of the spotlight this year. Tonight, GBH brings the DJ out of hiding to rock the grime off Webster Hall’s walls alongside Trouble & Bass’s Star Eyes. Don’t expect to hear a ton of Major Lazer-style dancehall though–we suspect the event is going to be heavy on house, dubstep, and all things that rave. Do expect an overwhelming number of teenagers in skin-tight neon, pleather, glow sticks, and other ridiculous things. This is for the brave of heart. Tickets are $1 with RSVP before midnight, $15 online, $25 at the door. More info here.

Saturday: Dutty Artz Tropical Relief for Haiti

After the biggest earthquake in 200 years, the Internet has been swamped with ways to text donations to Haiti (sup Wyclef) and contribute to organizations that are helping the relief efforts. It was only a matter of time until our favorite Dutty Artz DJs got involved. With DJ Rupture and Matt Shadetek on the bill for Saturday night’s Tropical Relief party at Bowery Poetry Club, we’re positive that this event will be as much of a celebration of Haitian zouk and kompa as a charity drive. The venue’s website promises live bands and MCs to be announced, but honestly the DJs are enough for me. All of your $8 cover goes directly to Partners in Health – the biggest non-governmental health care provider in Haiti. Dance and donate! More info here.

Sunday: Body & Soul

Body & Soul is one of those parties that make you feel like you’re in a cocoon of love and acceptance. Typical of house music, sure, but there’s something about the complete lack of pretension associated with this Sunday afternoon party that brings out the best in its attendees, who are encouraged attendees to maintain a “respectful and positive energy”. Sure, the party caters to the PLUR cheese that older house-heads love, but we’re okay with that. Sunday’s lineup at Webster Hall with residents Danny Krivit & Joaquin “Joe” Claussell and Deep Space’s Francois K starts at 6pm and goes until 3am. Usually the (older) crowd thins out by 10 or 11pm, but we’re betting that this edition will go strong until the end (thanks MLK!). Tickets are $20 online, $30 at the door. More info here.

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