New York

ASPCA Seizes 37 Cats from 1-Bedroom Apartment in Brooklyn


Here’s a pretty good New York Cat Lady: the ASPCA has found a woman living in a 1BR in an unspecified Brooklyn neighborhood (alas for our prejudices! We’d like to think it’s Park Slope) with 37 cats. She is being allowed to keep two of her cats, while the rest are being examined for diseases and whatever it was Catwoman had. And they’re making her get those two cats spayed, the bastards! Now she has go out hunting again, and in winter, too.

Well, she can always have them shipped in from states where humane authorities have established no-fee cat adoptions to handle their burgeoning stray populations.

The Brooklyn Cat Lady is not even the modern-era champ, though: There was that woman discovered in Novosibirsk, Russia in 2008 who kept 137 felines in a three-room apartment. From the looks of the video report, though, her place would rank as a 2BR at least in Brooklyn.


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