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Duane Reade Security Claims PA Cops Pushed Them Not to Report Shoplifters


Fascinated as we are with the mini-crime-waves that occasionally pop up in neighborhoods despite the great numbers from the NYPD — which aren’t definitive in every case and can be misleading — we were interested to hear claims from Duane Reade security at Port Authority that the PA cops have been muscling them not to report shoplifters, lest such reports sully the Port Authority’s low crime record.

A security guard tells the Post there have been “multiple incidents where we were told to charge [suspects] only with trespassing, not shoplifting.” The store was reporting 10 to 17 shopliftings a month until a security supervisor was hauled in for choking a suspect, a charge that was later dropped. Since then they haven’t reported any.

It may be that the Duane Reade guys were becoming overzealous in protection of their own turf and jobs. Still, it’s interesting when these things get out. It’s not unknown for a guy to get mugged in the city and be denied a police report because he couldn’t dot all the i’s on his complaint. There’s more going on in the streets and in the stores than you’ll learn from CompStat. Photo (cc) jim.greenhill.



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