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Scott Brown-Martha Coakley Race Speeds to Awful Finish


Tomorrow is the day President Obama’s socialist health care plan comes to an end, allegedly, as Republican Scott Brown is showing unexpected strength against Democrat Martha Coakley in Tuesday’s special election to replace the deceased Ted Kennedy .

As with last year’s hilarious NY-23 congressional election, national conservatives have gone balls-to-the-wall on this — amplifying claims, for example, that when Coakley said she didn’t need to campaign, as Brown had, “standing outside Fenway Park, in the cold, shaking hands,” that she was actually attacking the beloved ballpark and Red Sox fans, and bringing in Republican Red Sox legend Curt Schilling in rebuttal. It became an even bigger deal than last week’s epochal reporter-shoving incident.

Polls vary wildly on the race, but few are encouraging to Coakley.

Campaign 2000 shows it neck and neck; Public Policy Polling shows Brown up by 5, and Suffolk University shows him up by 4 (which Fox News describes as a “double-digit lead… in three Massachusetts communities “). A poll by InsideMedford shows Brown almost 10 points ahead, and of course Brown’s internal polling has been even higher. Alleged leaks of Coakley internal polls have shown her behind, though her campaign insists she has a small lead.

In the final hours, the Parties have unloaded their big guns: President Obama spoke for Coakley (he was briefly heckled, which rightbloggers portrayed as a PR disaster for Obama), as did Bill Clinton (Why wasn’t he in Haiti? asked rightbloggers). Republicans sent their own most charismatic figure, Rudolph Giuliani, who as is his habit appeared in a white neighborhood to denounce Coakley’s “ignorance” and “negativity.”

Last-minute shenanigans are in full swing. Democrats are circulating a video clip in which Brown appears to smile as a supporter promises to “shove a curling iron” up Coakley’s “butt”; Fox News does its usual thing (“Coakley’s Controversial Record Coming to Light”).

In case it all doesn’t work out, conservatives are already talking about a stolen election. We almost hate to mention it, but there are other special elections yet to come.



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