Booze News: Mariah Carey Busts Out her Own Bubbly; LeNell Smothers Makes her Own Bitters


It’s quite public knowledge that Mariah Carey enjoys a tipple or two. Now, the singer and recently acclaimed actress (for her role in Precious) is launching a Champagne brand. Carey tweeted recently that she is releasing her own rose bubbly called Angel Champagne.
[NY Daily News]

Cognac sales may be in the toilet, but that may be about to change, thanks to a new approach to selling the stuff. A new website,, delivers the message that Cognac is young, hip, and highly mixable (in cocktails, that is).
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

Benedictine is celebrating its 500th anniversary. The liqueur may cost $35 a bottle, but it keeps forever and has plenty of uses. Mix it with yellow Chartreuse and Calvados for an after-dinner Widow’s Kiss. Or combine it with gin and grapefruit juice for a vitamin C-packed Antibes.
[Washington Post]

LeNell Smothers may be an Angostura hoarder, but she also knows how to make her own grapefruit bitters. Following a simple L.A. Times recipe, she substituted the stout Everclear neutral grain spirit called for with her beloved bourbon.

Jonathan Miles pens his final “Shaken and Stirred” column today, highlighting a fine decade for drinking. The aughts may have been disastrous for the global economy, geopolitical stability, and the environment, but at least we moved beyond god-awful ‘tinis.
[NY Times]

Bartenders have spent the last few years experimenting with ice. The next scientific challenge to cocktail construction? Sugar. Some barkeeps are going as far as using refractometers and pH meters to measure exact levels of sugar and acid in drinks.
[San Francisco Chronicle]

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