Cine Manifest was a Marxist film collective based in San Francisco during the 1970s whose aim was to make dramatic political films that were also accessible to a wide audience. Anthology Film Archives is highlighting their works in a new weeklong series (January 21 through 28) that includes screenings of films made by the collective as well as by members of the group after they disbanded, and also features personal appearances by the filmmakers themselves. Today, see Eugene Corr’s Academy Award–winning documentary Waldo Salt: A Screenwriter’s Journey, about a screenwriter who courageously managed to resurrect his film career after it was thrown off-course by the Hollywood blacklist. Also, catch John Hanson and Rob Nilsson’s Prairie Trilogy, a series of documentaries on the progressive political history of North Dakota. Though the stories are old, the themes should feel as timely as ever.

Jan. 23-28, 2010

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