Fish2Fork Gives Consumers a Guide to the Country’s Best and Worst Sustainable Seafood Restaurants


Plenty of seafood restaurants claim to care about environmentally sustainability. And plenty of those restaurants are full of shit. Which is why Fish2Fork, a new website that bills itself as a “restaurant guide for people who love to eat fish – sustainably,” is such a potentially great idea.

Created by Charles Clover, whose book The End of the Line inspired the documentary of the same name, the website rates restaurants that serve fish “not only for the quality of their food but also for the effect they are having on the seas and on marine life.”

The website’s rating system takes into account whether restaurants serve seafood listed as endangered species or are classified as “fish to avoid” on the guides compiled by the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the UK’s Marine Conservation Society, as well as whether customers are provided with information about the seafood they’re being served. Farming and wild-fishing practices are also taken into account.

The website relies in part on the willingness of restaurants to fill in a questionnaire, and also on user reviews. It’s an imperfect system and its list of restaurants is woefully incomplete, but it’s at least a start: the site has already ranked the country’s 10 best and 10 worst restaurants, and sadly, New York’s Nobu, Bar Masa, and 15 East are among the grossest offenders.

[Via Eater National]


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