Good News For Queer Book Lovers!


And by that I mean both book lovers who are queer and also lovers of queer books (though those two groups often intersect at various intellectually cruisey bookstores and websites).

As a Canadian source informs me,

The Queer Film Classics series has been launched this year.

“It’s a series of books dedicated to single queer films, authored by queer writers. The series will run until 2015, with three books published each year by Arsenal Pulp Press, edited by Montreal authors Matthew Hays and Thomas Waugh.

“The first three books have just arrived: Trash, by Jon Davies, Law of Desire by Jose Quiroga, and Gods and Monsters by NYU doctoral student Noah Tsika.

” ‘The books will offer in-depth insight into these crucial queer movies’,” says Hays. ” ‘What self-respecting queer doesn’t love the cinema?’ “

I know I do! And considering that I own Trash and could barely get through Avatar, that’s about as queer as you can get!

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