It’s Meryl Vs. Sandra!


Did anyone think the Best Actress Oscar race would boil down to a battle royale between the greatest actress of her generation, Meryl Streep, and Miss Congeniality, Sandra Bullock?

No, but with both ladies’ Golden Globes wins, that exactly what it’s shaping up as.

Mind you, I’ve always trumpeted my girl Sandy as a real contender and wish to God she’d been nominated for Crash, in which she acted with a capital A.

I happened to find The Blind Side conventional and a bit dull and feel it’s weird that this is the film being seized on as her golden chance for immortality.

But Meryl’s Julie & Julia role was only half a lead, and while she was impressive as usual, it’s not necessarily the kind of vehicle you’d look back on and say she deserved her third Oscar for it.

So who’ll grab the prize? The enduring diva in need of a makeup trophy or the fluffy star with box office cachet who’s suddenly grabbed credibility?