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Jennifer Jones, Post’s Alleged Paterson Pet, Dragged Around the News Again


The New York Post, which has reported that Governor Paterson was neck-kissing a woman not his wife in a busy restaurant during lunch — a charge the Governor denies — obtained a MySpace photo of the woman clowning with her husband. “The sexy mom who shared an intimate lunch with the married Paterson,” they leer, “sure knows how to show off her lovely legs.”

This time out, the unnamed politician allegedly mad at Paterson for this is a “senior Assembly Democrat,” a step up from the “prominent state Democrat” quoted in a previous Post report. Next time, we suspect they will quote “eldon-Shay ilver-Say.”

The Post repeats previously released details with new, more evocative verbs. As the Post photographed the couple — not necking, alas, but sitting and standing — we are told, “Paterson blurted out, ‘She works with me,'” which makes it sound more suspicious than informative. We wonder that they didn’t add that he was sweating profusely, blushing, and pulling his collar away from his neck, and that a word balloon appeared over his head containing the word “GULP.”

Pateson reiterates that the story is “an outrageous lie.” Commenters at WIVB-4 in Buffalo are outraged. “No wonder why New York is going broke, every governer we have had has to support a mistress(es)!!!” says one.



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