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LeNell Smothers Really Has Opened a B&B in Mexico | Village Voice


LeNell Smothers Really Has Opened a B&B in Mexico


When we last caught up with LeNell Smothers, the proprietress of Red Hook’s late and lamented LeNell’s Wine and Spirits Boutique had just announced her intention to leave New York for Mexico, where she was planning to open a B&B. And now, it looks like she’s actually done it.

Robert Simonson has discovered that Smothers and her boyfriend, Demian Camacho Santa Ana, have opened Casa Coctel, a six-room inn in La Paz, on the Baha California Sur peninsula.

According to its website, Casa Coctel “ain’t no mansion or sprawling hacienda. Hell, we don’t even have a seaside view. It is, however, a home full of passion for life and each other.”

The place also isn’t “a hotel, motel, bed and breakfast, or brothel; although, we like to think we’ve pulled some of our favorite things from all of them to create Casa Coctel.” But it does have “more than 1,000 drinking vessels [and] 1,000 bottles of wine and spirits, and hundreds of books.”

But paradise doesn’t have everything, including, it turns out, whiskey. Along with things like kosher-for-Passover U-Bet chocolate syrup, Noilly Ambre vermouth, stone-ground grits, and Lillet, it’s included on the “Casa wish list” of items that Smothers is asking friends and guests to consider bringing with them.

In return, they’ll get high-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, free wi-fi, chickens who supply the inn with fresh eggs, two wild turkeys named after the Wild Turkey Master Distiller and his son, vacation planning services, and homecooked meals. And, of course, “cocktails on the terrace every evening.”

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