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New Ford Focus: The No-Issues Campaign


Here’s a path-breaking way to present yourself to the public as a potential U.S. Senate candidate: Agree to a sit-down interview with a major newspaper only on the condition that you not be asked anything about the issues.

The money graf in David Saltonstall’s Daily News interview today with Harold Ford, the Tennessee Stud who is making loud noises about challenging Kirsten Gillibrand for the senate, comes more than half-way into the story, several grafs after he has called Gillibrand “weak”:

“Ford’s interview – granted under the condition that questions focus on his rationale for running, not on issues — ”

The rationale for running, he explained, is that New Yorkers don’t know Gillibrand “or what she is doing.” This is no doubt correct, as per a new Siena College poll showing that only 29% of New Yorkers want Gillibrand. As opposed to Ford, who is also totally unknown, and won’t even say what it is he is doing or what he believes in


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