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On January 24, Eat for Haiti | Village Voice


On January 24, Eat for Haiti


In the immediate wake of last Tuesday’s earthquake in Haiti, Ilili chef-owner Philippe Massoud put out the call for his fellow restaurateurs to come together to raise money to help relief efforts in the devastated country. Now, less than a week later, an impressive roster of Massoud’s colleagues have signed up for Dine Out for Haiti on Jan. 24.

Participating restaurateurs will donate 10 percent of the evening’s profits to Haitian relief efforts; a list can be found here. If you’ve been looking for a reason to blow cash and calories at, say, Fatty Crab, Aldea, Babbo, or Motorino, here’s a good one.

And although the Michael White trinity of Alto, Marea, and Convivio won’t be participating, they’ll kick-start the week’s philanthropic efforts on Jan. 25 by donating 10 percent of that evening’s proceeds to the United Nations World Hunger Program.


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