Wireless Band Evacuated for 4G; Broadway, Preachers Hardest Hit


If you’re a wedding singer, presentation giver, or any other kind of wireless mic user, you should know that starting on June 12, you will be required by law to steer clear of the 700 MHz frequency. The Feds are reserving that band for upcoming 4G wireless service and don’t want you crowding in. (The FCC has a list of wireless mic models and their compliance status here.) If your system is set permanently to the proscribed range, check with the manufacturer — some vendors have been offering rebates that will help you move on to a legal channel.

Unfortunately Broadway theaters, who have been amplifying sound via wireless for decades now, don’t seem to have such an arrangement; NY1 reports that theater managers “say the move will cost thousands of dollars per institution.” Also hard-hit: churches with roving preachers. “We have gotten an estimate of about $2,400 to replace all four mikes,” says the pastor of the New Stanton Assembly of God Church in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.

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