All-White “All-American Basketball Alliance” Sounds Fake, But Fun Anyway


We’ve been looking at all the news reports about an alleged all-white All-American Basketball Alliance, players in which must be able to prove descent from two Caucasian parents. They are supposedly looking for towns in which to play. We have to say it looks pretty bogus: Who’s going to start a new basketball league without a web site, rad gear and merch, or commercial tie-ins?

Nonetheless we enjoy the ruse, and the opportunity to feel superior to the racist assholes of the fake league, in disapproval of which Americans will probably find themselves more united than they will ever be about anything else, ever again.

We note that the genius behind the AABA, Don “Moose” Lewis, was formerly a promoter of the International Wrestling Union, and knows something about creating a carnival atmosphere. It’s possible he’s sincere about this, but so far the press has been pretty negative, so we assume he’s just trying to get his name back in the papers. But who knows? Maybe the guys at Free Republic will get into it, and invite Lewis to place teams in whatever swamps and hollers they live in. Then we’ll see how serious he is.


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