Cathy Erway’s Next Project: a Rooftop Garden for Sixpoint Brewery


On February 18, Cathy Erway will celebrate the publication of The Art of Eating In, her book about the two years she spent cooking and eating at home for her blog, Not Eating Out in New York. But since Erway returned to the restaurant dining world well over a year ago, where will she go next? Back to the kitchen, and to the roof.

Erway tells Fork in the Road that she’s collaborating with Shane Welch, the owner of Red Hook’s Sixpoint Craft Ales, to plant a garden on the roof of the brewery. The 600-square-foot garden will be the basis of her new project, which she says will involve cooking the foods grown on the roof and writing about it. Right now, the plan is to plant a wide range of produce, including “lots of cool heirloom varieties” which Erway says will be seeded within the next few weeks. They’ll be harvested sometime in the spring, depending on the weather.

Erway will be cooking up those heirlooms in the brewery’s kitchen, which is currently being fixed up and updated with new appliances; because Sixpoint doesn’t have a liquor or restaurant license, she’ll be cooking only for staff and friends. So for the forseeable future, at least, don’t expect the brewery to become Brooklyn’s newest (and most literally-minded) gastropub.

And, of course, there will be a new blog dedicated to the endeavor, though Erway’s mum about further details. As for the blog that earned her her initial audience, its future is uncertain: Erway can only say that she plans to “keep it up for awhile,” suggesting that as the seasons change, so too will her direction.


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