Indie Takeover Wednesdays Continues with the Scandalous Vice/Sub Pop Partnership with CNN


So Vampire Weekend has the number one record in the country, and now Vice‘s VBS.TV will claim a prominent spot on CNN’s website, presumably somewhere near the Indie Asia: On Tour With the Handsome Furs Sub Pop-produced travel featurette CNN is already hosting. Insert scandalized, risque reference to Vice‘s “Bukkake On MY Face: Welcome to the Ancient Tradition of the Japanese Facial” or to the Handsome Furs’ porny promo shots. Or just admit that this makes tons of sense for all sorts of reasons, not least because VBS.TV’s documentary game is very much on the up and up and it’s not like it costs anything to follow a couple of earnest and engaged band hipsters around China. We are old and our youth culture is just Culture now, period, and the sooner we admit that the sooner we can dispense with all this exhausting mock outrage. Or are people genuinely surprised by this? [h/t Free Williamsburg]

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