Prop 8 Trial Twitters Reveal Sad Homo-Hate, Hilarious Gay-Straightening Stories


We’re not very big on this social media stuff, but many passages from the National Center for Lesbian Rights’ Twitter coverage of the Prop 8 trial — which the Supreme Court will not allow to be televised or even YouTubed — read, especially in this context, like tragicomedy told by telegraphy. Read from bottom to top above the story of Ryan Kendall, whose parents tried to de-gay him with the sort of love and understanding American homosexuals have come to expect from their families. (A more humorous account takes place earlier, when “Kendall said [gay-straightener Joe] niccolosi introduced him to man named ‘kelly’ who supposedly was cured of being gay… But when niccolosi left room, kelly said he was going to a gay bar that night & was only pretending to please his parents.”)


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