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Robert Morgenthau, Former DA, Joins Wachtell, Lipton Law Firm


Congratulations to Robert Morgenthau, who has joined the prestigious law firm of Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz at the age of 90. Wachtell Lipton was one of the sponsors of the Annual Vera Institute of Justice Benefit at which Morgenthau was the guest of honor this year. The firm specializes in corporate and mergers and acquisitions cases, recently advising Novartis in its deal with Alcon, and representing Bank of America against the SEC.

Morgenthau says he’s always admired the firm and probably has many friends there. We assume he will not merely be a name on a door; the District Attorney’s office, which he recently ceded to Cy Vance Jr., has been very active throughout Morgenthau’s tenure and seemed not to suffer from his advanced age.

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