Tweezers Make the Leap from the O.R. to the Kitchen; Is Gotham Offal Crazy?


A group of western Queens residents is launching the borough’s first and only food cooperative in Long Island City. The Queens Harvest Food Co-op is expected to be staffed by members, and up and running by fall of 2011.
[NY Daily News]

Albert Capsouto, the youngest of three brothers at TriBeCa mainstay Capsouto Freres, has died of a brain tumor at age 53. He and his brothers opened the restaurant in 1980.
[NY Times]

New Yorkers have gone offal crazy. Parts like the entrails, head, and feet have become practically ubiquitous in the kitchens of real food lovers.

We’re accustomed to seeing blowtorches and Microplanes in the kitchen. The most recent cross-disciplinary tool chefs are using these days is medical tweezers, for delicate work.
[NY Times]

It seems kids can’t participate in any activity these days without being fed an abundance of snacks. Between 1977 and 2002, the percentage of snacking kids went up 40-plus percent.
[NY Times]

Our country’s relationship with Russia has always been tenuous. It being flooded with American chicken is no small part of that. Now, Russia is aiming to ban U.S. chicken imports.
[NY Times]


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