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Barrett: Larry Kudlow Sniffs Around For More Political Power


On the heels of Scott Brown’s big win, Larry Kudlow, the CNBC rudderless anchor, is apparently considering a senate run against New York’s Chuck Schumer, pushed by GOP and Tea Party allies and admirers.

It would make Schumer the only incumbent known to be facing two reformed cokeheads in the same year, since Randy Credico, a longtime leader in the fight against the Rockefeller drug laws, is already running in the Democratic primary. Credico’s drug-laced trajectory as a comic — from the Johnny Carson show to Rocky Sullivan’s bar — has already been turned into the film Sixty Spins Around the Sun. Credico, a lefty whose media friends range from Albany’s Post powerhouse Fred Dicker to me, is challenging Schumer as a waterboy for Wall Street, while Kudlow wants to carry wine for them.

Former deputy budget director in the Reagan years and economic guru to Oxycontin addict Rush Limbaugh, Kudlow acknowledged in a 1994 New York Times confession that he took a medical leave as chief economist for Bear Stearns (remember it?) to go “into drug rehab” and that he “lived in fear of sliding backward.” He was hooked on blow, the Times confidently reported, though Kudlow declined to name the only drug he once preferred to a tax cut.

Kudlow was nominated in 2009 by his free market cronies to run against Chris Dodd, but took a pass, just as he wound up passing years ago on the suggestion that he take on Pat Moynihan. State lines and epochs are no bar to his ambition, and he is now saying that he is “honored” by the Draft Kudlow grassroots movement launched by friends of his from his old days at onetime Buffalo congressman Jack Kemp’s side.

An unrepentant superstar champion of what the Senior George Bush referred to “the voodoo economics” of spend-and-slash-taxes, Kudlow does so much radio and TV that he can’t be held responsible for a thing he says, like endorsing bailouts when Junior Bush does them and banging them when Obama does. Bernie Sanders went on his show in 2008 to call him a socialist for supporting the Bush bailout and now he calls bailouts “socialism lite” himself.
The coke is gone, but the head is still spinning.

Research Assistance: Alana Horowitz and Cat Contiguglia

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