Grand Park Won’t be Taking Over the Old Isabella’s Oven Space


After Isabella’s Oven shut up shop in a most craptacular fashion last February, Grand Street residents wondered what, if anything, would take its place. Last spring, Jesse Hartman (Two Boots, Mo Pitkins) announced plans to turn the storefront, which is owned by the Seward Park Co-op, into Grand Park, a so-called fine-dining establishment that would include a glassed-in back patio. Over the ensuing months, Hartman encountered opposition from the local community board, some extremely vocal Seward Park residents, and, it turns out, his would-be landlord.

According to the Villager, Grand Park ain’t gonna happen. Seward Park’s co-op board president told the paper that the deal fell through back in November, and that all of the talk about it “was all just premature…There was no deal, there was no lease.”

Which still doesn’t answer the question of when someone will actually manage to do something with the space, and whether the Seward Park co-op board will find another experienced and well-funded restaurateur who wants to alter the East Grand Street landscape of cardboard pizza and inedible Chinese take-out.

[Via Grub Street]


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