Has The Bible Done More Bad Than Good?


For something so nobly dubbed “the good book”–and which Denzel Washington carts around so lovingly in The Book of Eli–the Bible has certainly been the source of a lot of bad feelings.

For centuries, people have used it as a tool to badger already oppressed people further into the corner, and to this day, it’s shamelessly invoked as a heaven-sent means to deprive consenting gay adults of equal rights.

It’s the root of that tired argument: “I have nothing against the gays, mind you, but I can’t go against the good book, which says blah blah blah…”

But surely, the Bible is supposed to be a tool of positivity for its life lessons, inspirations, and holy messages. Millions have found comfort in it without selectively using passages from it to bash innocent people.

Alas, the haters seem to be louder and more persistent in their thumping.

So tell me, oh devout ones: Has the bible ironically done more bad than good?